Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Married? Part 1

"Are you married?" For a moment it seemed that the words just hung there in the air between us. She looked me in the eyes and waited for my response. I was momentarily hypnotized by her almost sparkling hazel eyes. I was married, but for reasons I might never understand my wife seemed to have lost interest in sex. I had been good. I hadn't cheated, yet, even though it had been literally a few years since I had a satifying sex life. I had taken care of my own needs as best I could, but here it was. The situation I had fantasized about. A real woman seemingly offering herself to me.

The situation was unexpected. I was on a cmpany business trip and after the mandated company dinner many of us went to the hotel bar for a few drinks. It was a beautiful marble bar, partly inside and party outside, allowing for the ambience of the moonlight and the warm breeze. I had only enjoyed a couple drinks and decided to turn in early. It was never good to show up for the morning meetings looking hungover. As I walked down the hallway towards my elevator I came across two female co-workers, one of whome was walking the other, who was slightly tipsy, back to her room. She commented about going far out of her way to do this, and I, ever the gentleman, offered to escort the somewhat intoxicated co-worker made it back to her room safely. The woman was an attractive co-worker whom I was friendly with and had chatted with a bit earlier in the evening. I hadn't ever thought of her as anything other than a nice co-worker. Her friend left us at the elevator and headed back towards her wing of the hotel.

As we stepped into the elevator, she expressed embarrassment at her intoxication. I said, "Oh you're not that bad. If you hadn't mentioned it, I'd never know." That's when she looked me in the eye with a slight smile and said, "Are you married?" be continued.....

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