Sunday, February 19, 2012

"It's Your Choice"

I've returned. I'm back to sex blogging. I hope you read and enjoy.

"What do you want to do?" I say. "It's your choice." You pause for a moment and then you get that mischievous smirk and a twinkle in your eye. You take me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom. You flick off the lights and light the candle by the bed. "Come here," you say to me in that breathy whisper that I know means you intend to get exactly what you want.

I walk over, not fearful, but tingling with excitement. You haven't touched me yet, but I feel my cock swelling, hardening, almost reaching for you in anticipation. Your mouth meets mine, our tongues exploring each other, dancing together sensually in our mouths. My hands slide down your back to cup the curve of your ass. You pull them away and say, "No, you said this was for me. My choice. I don't want you to touch me. Now turn around." I do as I'm told, and within moments you wrap a scarf around my eyes as a blindfold and tie it.

As I stand there you kiss down my neck, to my shirt, unbuttoning as you go. Kissing your way down my chest, giving each nipple a little kiss with your warm, soft lips. I shrug the shirt off my shoulders. You kiss your way down my stomach, unbuttoning my jeans and pushing them down to my ankles. I can't see, but I can feel my hard cock standing out, pushing against the thin cotton boxers. I imagine I can feel your hot breath and I move my hips forward. I feel your hands caress the curve of my ass as you slide my boxers off. "Lay down," you say.

I do as I told, knowing that if you get what you want, what you need, that I'll also get what I want too. As I lay naked on your smooth, satin sheets, still blind I hear your movement near me. You kiss my neck and slide my arm above me, tying it to the bedpost with another scarf. Then you follow by tying down my other arm to. I hear you removing your clothes as I strain to try to catch even a small gimpse of your beautiful body through the tiny space at the bottom of the blindfold. You didn't need to blindfold and bind me, but I think you like the control, the fantasy that you can use my body any way you want to pleasure yourself. Suddenly I feel your warm, smooth skin against me and your breath in my ear. You roll on top of me and I feel your hot, wet pussy on my cock. Your lips opening as you kiss my neck and begin to slide up and down on my cock. You're not taking me inside, just enjoying the feel of my cock against you as you slide down to let the firm head rub against your sensitive clit. I can feel your wetness as you ride my cock, enjoying the feeling of it sliding between your slippery lips. Then your lips leave my neck as I feel you sit up. You move forward and suddenly I feel your body heat above me as you hold the headboard and kneel above my blindfolded face. A drop of your sweet sex nectar hits my lips and I shudder at the intoxicating taste of you.

You slowly lower your hot, aroused slit onto my waiting mouth. My tongue parts your lips, moving up and down teasing the sensitive inner side of each lip, lapping up your delicious juices. You move your hips in rhthym with my lips, fucking my mouth with your pussy. You tilt enough that your clit is suddenly on my tongue and I eagerly begin to suck softly, twirling my tongue around it. I feel you press more weight onto my mouth and I suck harder as I hear a sexy little moan escape your lips. Your moans become short and quicker as I devour your gorgeous pussy, savoring the sexy taste of you, wanting more. My cock is hard and dripping pre-cum, straining upward but ignored. I've never been this aroused. "Yes, yes, fuck my pussy with your tongue, I want it," you plead. I harden my tongue and thrust it into your open pussy as far as I can. In and out with my hard little tongue. Then suddenly and without explanation you rise off of me. Then I know why.

I feel you turn and slide down my body until your slippery, hot, pulsating pussy is resting on my cock. Your facing away from me. You rise up and reach between your legs to grasp my hot, hard cock in your hand. The head slippery with pre-cum. You take my full, muscular rod and guide it into your open, wanting pussy. Slowly at first you lower yourself, letting it fill you, thrilling at the feel of the ridge on the head as it massages across that one spot inside you. Then I feel your full weight taking my cock into you to the hilt. Then you rise almost until my cock escapes you before plunging downward again to take my cock all the way into you. The rise and fall of your pussy continues as you look across the bedroom and see yourself in the mirror on the closet. Your pussy riding, harder, faster, you reach up and stroke your sensitive nipples.

Still tied down, helpless to be anything but your toy, I tilt my head back enough that I can just peer out of the bottom of the blindfold. I can see your sexy, little ass rising and falling as you ride my cock. The site of it makes me begin to thrust back against you. Lost in the waves of pleasure sweeping over your body you welcome my movements. As you watch yourself in the mirror, almost mesmerized by the beautiful, sexual woman you see, one hand slides down your stomach to your clit. You begin rubbing in that little circular motion you like, feeling your wetness just gushing over my cock as our bodies continue to meet. Your other hand teasing, stroking your nipples each in turn, your clit hard and tingling with heat, your pussy riding, fucking, taking my cock. You're overwhelmed and breathless as the orgasm washes over and through every inch of your body like a tidal wave.

Exhausted, but satiated you climb back up the bed to snuggle against me, removing the blindfold and ties. And just before you fall asleep I whisper in your ear, "Rest up baby, I can't wait until my turn."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Are You Married? Part 1

"Are you married?" For a moment it seemed that the words just hung there in the air between us. She looked me in the eyes and waited for my response. I was momentarily hypnotized by her almost sparkling hazel eyes. I was married, but for reasons I might never understand my wife seemed to have lost interest in sex. I had been good. I hadn't cheated, yet, even though it had been literally a few years since I had a satifying sex life. I had taken care of my own needs as best I could, but here it was. The situation I had fantasized about. A real woman seemingly offering herself to me.

The situation was unexpected. I was on a cmpany business trip and after the mandated company dinner many of us went to the hotel bar for a few drinks. It was a beautiful marble bar, partly inside and party outside, allowing for the ambience of the moonlight and the warm breeze. I had only enjoyed a couple drinks and decided to turn in early. It was never good to show up for the morning meetings looking hungover. As I walked down the hallway towards my elevator I came across two female co-workers, one of whome was walking the other, who was slightly tipsy, back to her room. She commented about going far out of her way to do this, and I, ever the gentleman, offered to escort the somewhat intoxicated co-worker made it back to her room safely. The woman was an attractive co-worker whom I was friendly with and had chatted with a bit earlier in the evening. I hadn't ever thought of her as anything other than a nice co-worker. Her friend left us at the elevator and headed back towards her wing of the hotel.

As we stepped into the elevator, she expressed embarrassment at her intoxication. I said, "Oh you're not that bad. If you hadn't mentioned it, I'd never know." That's when she looked me in the eye with a slight smile and said, "Are you married?" be continued.....

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moving Day!

Guilty Pleasures has been moved and renamed. If you wish to follow me just send me a quick e-mail at and I'll give you the link.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is Good to be The King

On Wednesday I was listening to The Sex Files, a show on the Maxim channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. It features two women talking about sex, taking questions from listeners and usually featuring some 'Sexpert.' (Why they haven't invited me on the air yet I have no idea) Anywho, they were discussing the average male penis size. According to the statistics they researched, the average male penis is 5.0-5.35 inches. Woo Hoo! I'm above average! Come and get it ladies!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Part 5

How long the sensual teasing went on you can't tell. Time seems unimportant. Only the feeling. The feeling of my hand on your hip. My fingers parting, stroking, teasing...and finally filling your wanting pussy. As you feel your sweet, slippery, sexy juices running down your legs you utter aloud in a whisper, "Fuck me, please. I need it..." You want to pull away from the ties that bind you, to turn around and take hold of my hard cock and stop this incessant teasing. Stop it by grabbing my hard cock and guiding me into your wanting pussy. You can feel it. You need it. You're at that point where you know that if I were to fill you deeply, my hard, full cock inside you, that it would touch you in the way, in the spot that would push you over the edge and let those waves of pleasure that are on the brink, come crashing down, washing through your body, sweeping you away.

Night has completely fallen by now. Crickets chirrping. A soft, warm breeze off the lake the waves softly lapping at the shore and the crackle of the fire. All these sounds are intoxicating when combined with what your body is feeling. You push your ass out a little, wanting more. Wanting my two fingers, or maybe more to plunge deep into you and scratch that soft, warm little itch you have. You're hoping I'll remove my hand and replace it with the feeling of my hard, throbbing muscle. And then, to your suprise you do feel my fingers leave your pussy, but only a little, slipping out and sliding backwards. Just gently moving back and forth between your pussy lips. "Say it louder. Tell me what you want," I say. "Say it louder or I'll walk away and leave you here." Earlier this might have terrified you, might have thrown you into a panic, but now, even though your wrists are still tied to the deck railing,you are not afraid, and you're not afraid to demand what you want. Almost defiantly you say, "Fuck me. Fuck now, hard, like I want it. Fill me with that big cock of yours. I want it inside me. That's what I want. Are you afraid to fuck me?" As I stand there, a smile comes across my lips. I love your challenge. Your little ploy of reverse psychology. I know if I respond verbally I've given you back the control, so I maintain my silence and let my actions speak for me. I continue to tease your pussy, allowing my fingers to slide further up between your parted legs and I feel your clit, rub it between my fingers, Using your pussy juices on my now very slippery fingers to make it slip in and out between my fingers. You knees buckle at this sensation.

And then it's gone again. You feel my fingers slowly slide between your lips again and then back across your sensitive little taint and up the cleft of your ass. All the way up and back down your feel my fingers lubricated with you making your ass wet and slippery. You gasp as you feel my fingertips play across your asshole and your wet, hot little cunt tingles and clenches. You want this. You're not sure what 'this' is, but you want it and, losing a little control once again, you hang your head and grip the railing, "God yes, that's it, just fuck me. Fuck me somehow. Don't stop."

Friday, April 18, 2008

Part IV: Just a Little Taste For You

Finally feeling more comfortable, and in spite of having your wrists bound you decide to take control the only way you know how. Your lips move from my mouth, to my cheek to my neck. Your tongue flickers in and out and traces the edge of my ear. You breathily whisper, "I want you." My heart pounds in my chest, my cock rises against you. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. We had fantasized about me taking you any way I pleased, your body my plaything. You were turning the tables on me, my mind and body teetering on the brink of losing control to you, and I wanted that too.

Arms outstretched, still bound as I stand between them, your lips continue their tantalizing journey down my neck, my chest, your tongue circling each nipple, your lips softly engulfing them, sucking, pulling, teasing. My hands tangled in your hair, stroking, smelling, loving the feel of your soft tresses against my skin. Down my stomach your kisses march. I look down watching you as you crouch in front of my kissing across the waistband of my boxers. God I want to touch that sexy little pussy of yours. I feel helpless to stop you though. Your teeth grab the edge of my boxers and lift them over the head of my cock, and then your mouth deftly pulls them down. As they fall to the ground around my ankles I feel your hot breath on my cock. Your pink lips only inches away from the pleasure I want so bad. Your lips lavishing kisses on the front of my thighs, So close. Suddenly, your tongue, feeling like a hot, wet, little laser suddenly begins to trace a line at the base of my engorged cock. You catch the drop of slippery precum on the tip of your tongue and follow it up to the head.

I want this. I want you, but not like this. Regaining what little control I had over my lust I couched down to meet your lips and slowly rose with your lips matching mine until our bodies were pressed against each other once again. I quickly ducked out under your arms and moved to stand behind you. My hands on your hips, and then sliding down the warm, smooth skin of your thighs and you spread your stance open as you feel one hand start up the inside of your thigh. You feel my fingers curve under your pussy, parting your wet, tingling lips. I pull back to taste you on my hand. Mmmmmmm.....this little taste of your sex makes me ravenous. I want to devour you sexually. My hands finds your little slit from behind again and I begin to slide it forward and back between your lips. You sem to be trying to angle your hips to get me to tease your tender little clit. Not yet, not yet. Your juices are now seemingly pouring down the inside of your thighs as you begin to move your hips as if you're being fucked. I love the sound of your moans as you toss your head to the side, eyes closed, luxuriating in the physical sensations, forgetting for a few precious moments that you're still tied in place...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tub for Two: Part 3

As you stand helplessly tied by the wrists to the deck railing, a breeze stirs the trees as the sun sets over the lake. You're torn between relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and remaining tense and ready to scream for your life at any moment. The breeze coming off the lake hardens your nipples and you decide to chance a peek over your shoulder at me. You see me pulling my tight, black t-shirt off over my head. I can feel your eyes on me and it gets my cock hard. The look in your eyes is no longer fear as they roam over my chest and stomach, following my hands downward. I know you're watching as I continue to open my belt and jeans and push them down over my hips. You begin to relax as you feel certain that I plan on a lot more pleasure than pain. In all honesty although you don't know this, I haven't made up my mind in that regard. I know there will be pleasure, but will it be yours, or mine, or both? I hadn't thought this through. From our blog and e-mails I knew that I wanted you, but I wasn't prepared to have my breath taken away the way it was when I saw you step out of the car.

You relax and lean forward, resting your elbows on the railing as if you've decided to enjoy the view, taunting me with your beautiful ass pushed outward, towards me. It looks like an invitation, but do I want to take it? You continue to look out at the lake as you feel my hips against you from behind. You feel my hard cock through the material of my boxers pressing into the cleft of your ass, and surprisingly you feel my hands reach to the back of your head to untie the gag. Standing up you feel my arms wrap around you and the warmth of my chest against the skin of your back. My hands smoothly and expertly unsnap the bra clasp between your breasts. You daren't move, hoping to feel the rough, calloused skin of my hands cup your breasts, to feel my strong fingers stroke and tease your nipples between my thumb and forfinger. As you stand almost frozen, waiting, I sense what you want, but to give in would put you in control. If for a moment I give in to your wants I'd be lost in your pleasure, in your body, spinning dizzily on your every gasp of breath and throaty moan. I can't give myself over to you like that yet. I want so much more. More of you.

Unable to resist the delicious sensation of my hard, throbbing muscle against the warm embrace of your ass I continue to allow myself this little indulgence as you feel my hands slide down your ribcage to your hips. Hooking my fingers into the stretched string of your thong I pull downward sliding it off of you and as it fall the the deck beneath your feet you catch it on one toe and toss it aside. "Now I have what I want," I think to myself. I step back to gaze at your beautiful body, admiring every inch of your skin, wanting to taste each and every one of those inches with my tongue. Unbeknownst to me, you are also thinking of tasting inches of a slightly different kind. But how do I start, how do I finally take this body that I've fantasized about for so long? As you stand there naked and waiting I decide what I want. How I want to start to explore you. I come closer and duck beneath your bound arm and stand up between your tied hands, my face inches from yours. I thought I was in control. I though having you bound would give me that control. I was wrong.

You lean forward pressing your mouth against mine, your bare breasts against my chest, your hips with that soft, warm, wet little oasis against my barely concealed cock, now aching, wanting you. My tongue finds yours and draws it into my mouth. Your hips grind against mine and I don't resist. My hands encircle your waist and move lower to pull you against me. My fingers playfully travel between the cleft of your ass and you feel that familiar clench in your pussy that is predictably followed by the gorgeous feel of your delectable juices saturating your pussy lips and the front of my boxers as our tongues continue their intricate little dance.