Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Tub for Two: Part 3

As you stand helplessly tied by the wrists to the deck railing, a breeze stirs the trees as the sun sets over the lake. You're torn between relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere and remaining tense and ready to scream for your life at any moment. The breeze coming off the lake hardens your nipples and you decide to chance a peek over your shoulder at me. You see me pulling my tight, black t-shirt off over my head. I can feel your eyes on me and it gets my cock hard. The look in your eyes is no longer fear as they roam over my chest and stomach, following my hands downward. I know you're watching as I continue to open my belt and jeans and push them down over my hips. You begin to relax as you feel certain that I plan on a lot more pleasure than pain. In all honesty although you don't know this, I haven't made up my mind in that regard. I know there will be pleasure, but will it be yours, or mine, or both? I hadn't thought this through. From our blog and e-mails I knew that I wanted you, but I wasn't prepared to have my breath taken away the way it was when I saw you step out of the car.

You relax and lean forward, resting your elbows on the railing as if you've decided to enjoy the view, taunting me with your beautiful ass pushed outward, towards me. It looks like an invitation, but do I want to take it? You continue to look out at the lake as you feel my hips against you from behind. You feel my hard cock through the material of my boxers pressing into the cleft of your ass, and surprisingly you feel my hands reach to the back of your head to untie the gag. Standing up you feel my arms wrap around you and the warmth of my chest against the skin of your back. My hands smoothly and expertly unsnap the bra clasp between your breasts. You daren't move, hoping to feel the rough, calloused skin of my hands cup your breasts, to feel my strong fingers stroke and tease your nipples between my thumb and forfinger. As you stand almost frozen, waiting, I sense what you want, but to give in would put you in control. If for a moment I give in to your wants I'd be lost in your pleasure, in your body, spinning dizzily on your every gasp of breath and throaty moan. I can't give myself over to you like that yet. I want so much more. More of you.

Unable to resist the delicious sensation of my hard, throbbing muscle against the warm embrace of your ass I continue to allow myself this little indulgence as you feel my hands slide down your ribcage to your hips. Hooking my fingers into the stretched string of your thong I pull downward sliding it off of you and as it fall the the deck beneath your feet you catch it on one toe and toss it aside. "Now I have what I want," I think to myself. I step back to gaze at your beautiful body, admiring every inch of your skin, wanting to taste each and every one of those inches with my tongue. Unbeknownst to me, you are also thinking of tasting inches of a slightly different kind. But how do I start, how do I finally take this body that I've fantasized about for so long? As you stand there naked and waiting I decide what I want. How I want to start to explore you. I come closer and duck beneath your bound arm and stand up between your tied hands, my face inches from yours. I thought I was in control. I though having you bound would give me that control. I was wrong.

You lean forward pressing your mouth against mine, your bare breasts against my chest, your hips with that soft, warm, wet little oasis against my barely concealed cock, now aching, wanting you. My tongue finds yours and draws it into my mouth. Your hips grind against mine and I don't resist. My hands encircle your waist and move lower to pull you against me. My fingers playfully travel between the cleft of your ass and you feel that familiar clench in your pussy that is predictably followed by the gorgeous feel of your delectable juices saturating your pussy lips and the front of my boxers as our tongues continue their intricate little dance.


having my cake said...

Kissing is probably the most erotic act in the world. With the right man, it can drive a girl wild.

A. Secret said...

This is all so vivid and so real, so exquisite and so well written. Makes me tingly. I want this.

nitebyrd said...

I started reading then decided it would be better savored at home.

Phil said...

Cake- I definitely agree about the kiss. It's where it all starts.

a. secret- I want to give this to you.

Nitebyrd- When you say you want to "savor" this, what exactly do you mean? ;-)

JRM said...

Oooohhhhh man... ohhh phil, this is soooo good!! Mmm, that last line... yeah. I'm there.

I'm alone in the office today... I think I'll be having to take advantage of that... wheweee my face is flushed!!!!

Chris said...

Control is always a shifting illusion. Even the best laid plans of dominance leave you submissive. It's a beautiful dynamic. You capture it well.