Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Man in the Mirror

After your hot shower, in your robe you stand before the full length mirror on your closet brushing out your hair. A hundred thoughts running through your head. It's Monday and you're dreading the thought of work. Are there enough groceries in the fridge? How soon until you get paid? And then you feel my hands around your waist and my lips softly kissing your neck. You lay your head back to enjoy a moment of relaxing affection, happy to push aside the minutae running through your head.

My hands pull the tie on your robe and it opens easily. I don't stop kissing as I push the robe off your shoulders and it drops to the floor around your feet. My body once again presses up against yours, but now you thrill at the feel of my skin against your back, my hard, warm cock against the cleft of your ass. One of my hands slides up your belly to cup your breasts, still warm and supple from the long relaxing shower. My other begins to slip downwards, but ever so slowly and tenderly, barely touching you. The fingers of my other hand tease and stroke your nipples as you begin to press your buttocks back against my cock, loving the feeling of it pushing further into your flesh. You can feel the head is slightly slippery against you and a drop of my pre-cum creeping between your cheeks crawling down, creeping into your puckered little hole.

You look into the mirror and meet my eyes in the reflection. You can see my hands exploring your body. Nipples being softly stroked, pink and erect. My other hand gently curves over your pussy not penetrating, but just cupping, holding it. The heel of my hand pressing in a little against your pubic mound, stimulating your clit ever so slightly.

Your hands are thrown back, around the back of my head as I kiss your neck and shoulders. I'm watching you in the mirror as I slowly arouse your body. My fingers begin to part your lips, which are now becoming slick. I slide them up and down as your body opens to me. You begin to grind your ass against my now rock hard, hot swollen member. It is now that I begin to feel as if I may lose myself in the pleasure of the feel of your body. I could cum like this, just feeling you fuck my cock with your ass. I want to lean back, holding your hips as you grind into me, but not yet. You continue to grind against me in time with my fingers working your pussy. Up and down, up and down, Your pussy and ass are slick and slippery with the juices from our bodies.

Our eyes meet in the mirror again and you watch as my hands explore and stimulate your body. As we stare into each others eyes, reveling in the pleasure, your hands leave my neck and slide down to cover mine. My fingers teasing your nipple are joined by your soft fingers teasing and stroking the other nipple. Your other hands slides down my forearm to my hand, your fingers just resting, riding atop my own. Your hips move, sliding against my hard cock that is driven by my own thrusts againsts you. You smile and lick your lips as we continue to watch ourselves in the mirror. You've never seen your body like this when it's aroused, when it's being used for my pleasure. You want more. Your hand guides my hand on your pussy. Sliding it upward, pulling, guiding my finger to your clit. You move my finger in a slow, sensual little circle, teasing, stimulating your firm little nub. I can feel the slippery juices begin to flow from you and in the mirror I can see a drop sliding down the inside of your thigh. Then you guide my finger again, to your open, wanting pussy and you push it in. Taking the hint I plunge my finger into your pussy, Sliding it in and out, slowly at first. Then I pull my finger out and as our eyes meet again in the reflection I lift it to my lips, to taste you. "Lean forward, " I whisper in your ear.

You do as I say, placing your hands against the closet door on either side of the mirror. My hands upon your hips, not hard or urgently at first, you feel my cock slide between your legs. You open your stance a bit, affording me better access to your sweet, wet little hole. I reach down and guide my hard cock into you, slowly, I can feel the heat and pressure enveloping my sensitive aroused muscle. Then I grasp your hips firmly and pull myself into you, hard and fast and to the hilt. I slowly recede and then slam into you again. You brace yourself against the mirror and I can see on your face that your ready for more. I slam into you, over and over, harder, faster, increasing the speed and ferocity. You brace yourself, my thrusts jarring your body. In the mirror I can see that little look on your face, where you lift the edge of one lip and bite down on your lower lip, that tells me it's coming. You feel the ridge of my cock head teasing that spot just inside the roof of your pussy, stroking it, touching it just right. The heat begions to grow and spread through your body. You pussy is the apex as the waves roll through you like thunder clouds rumbling in the distance and then it happens. My nails dig into you as I thrust harder and faster and the tidal wave crashes over and through your body as the hot jets of my cum burst into you and for a moment again, our eyes meet in the mirror.


JRM said...

Mmmmhmmmm!!! Very nice! VERY VERY NICE! Love it! HOT!

A. Secret said... That was incredible! I so love watching too. Lover, you can take me this way any time.

Anonymous said...

See...there is a reason I asked you to go back to the sex.

Yum. :)

Phil said...

JRM, Glad you liked it. When I was done writing I got the sense that it was pretty hot.

a. secret- If only I had a volunteer for that adventure in real life. But thx for calling me lover. I like that.

Brainiac- As always you are wise. I guess we should all stick to what we do best.

nitebyrd said...

That is definitely a way to make Monday's better. WOW!

having my cake said...

I like mirrors :)