Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Sexiness

You stand in the hot, steamy shower allowing the nearly scalding water to beat down upon you, relaxing your tired body after a long, stressful day of work. Lost in your own head, just letting the tension of the day flow out of you, you don't hear the bathroom door open over the rush of the water on your shoulders. At the touch of my hands on your hips your eyes flash open as my lips settle on yours softly.

The feel of your hot, smooth skin against my dry, cool body arouses me instantly. "Go ahead, get yourself wet," you whisper in my ear. You step aside and I move under the hot spray. I feel your arms wrap around me from behind and your lips kiss my shoulders. Although you've not touched me sexually yet my cock has risen to full attention. The feel of your breasts against my back, your lips, your hands together just above my waist. I lay my head back upon your shoulder as the hot water begins to relax every other part of my body. You reach past me to take the soap from the shelf and you lather it up in your hands, arms still wrapped around me.

My head thrown back, resting upon you, my body relaxed, I close my eyes as I feel your hot, soapy, slippery hands reach down to knead and stroke my hard cock. One hand slips beneath my balls to lovingly caress and lather up me as your other hand strokes up and down, slowly, softly..."Mmmmmm.....this is good baby, but you're the one who needs to relax after a tough day. Let me." I step aside, out of the spray to let you back under the hot, heavy streams. You turn to face away from me. This time I press up against your back and reach around you for the soap. As I lather up my hands you press your ass back just a little, letting me feel it against my throbbing cock. I step back a little so that I can massage your aching shoulders with my soapy hands, kneading, relaxing the muscles as you sigh in pleasure. The soap on my hands spent, I press my body against you as I reach around you for the soap again. This time I don't put it down, but instead I run it up and down your body, between your breasts, over your stomach, even between your legs. as you feel the tingle of my slippery hands against your clit you involuntarily press your ass into my hard cock and I push forward to meet you. I put the soap down and slide my hands back up your hips to cup your breasts. Finding your nipples I teases and stroke them between my thumb and forefinger. As if there is an invisible wire between them and your pussy you feel the heat between your legs as your juices begin to flow.

Judging from the grinding of your beautiful, round ass against my cock, I take the hint and as I kiss your ear one hand slides down your belly to your pubic mound, slipping between your legs. My other hand is still teasing, stroking, playing with your nipples. You can feel my hard cock between your buttocks, sliding up and down rhythmically in time with the slow movement of my hips. The ridge of my head just touching your sensitive, puckered hole with each stroke. I want to cum so bad. I want to feel my cum pour from me and watch it land on your ass among the sexy soapy bubbles. I want it so bad, but I wait. I want you to want that too.

My hand between your legs just gently caresses, up and down feeling your lips open, feeling the sweet, slippery wetness between them. As my fingers find your clit and begin to rub is slowly you give a little moan, "Oh fuck that's it, god yes," you moan. Your hips begin to grind against me and the lubrication on your ass is more my precum than anything else as I enjoy the feelof you against me, the heat, the friction. The steam of the shower adds a surreal atmosphere and I pray that we don't run out of hot water suddenly. At this point I'm so hot, so driven with my lust that I don't think that would stop me anyway. You begin to feel the waves of pleasure start to radiate out from your hot, swollen little clit as I stroke it. You don't want to cum until I'm inside you. You stop grinding against me and you lean forward, placing your hands aganst the wall. "Do it, fuck me. I need it," you say.

I reach down to direct my cock between your legs and upward. One hand is on your hip. As you feel the head of my full, hot muscle press against your open pussy. Your muscles relax to allow me to slide in and as I momentarily lean back to place both hands on your hips I pull myself into you in one smooth stroke. To the hilt. I look down, aroused at the sight of my hard cock plunged into you from behind. I begin to pull back and slide back in as you moan. Your hips tilting and moving to meet my strokes. My hands resume their former positions as I reach around your waist to finger your clit as I fill you with my cock. The shower still beating down upon you, the waves of pleasure again spreading through your body, you don't hold back any longer and you give in to the pleasure fully. Letting your body meet mine you feel me slapping against your ass as my cock stretches you, opens you over and over, stroking, massaging you from inside. One hand reaches up to stroke your nipples one after the other. Your clit feels sore from all this attention, but hot and aroused at the same time. Your slippery, juices begin to pour from you with each stroke of my cock that fills your pussy. You feel it coming and you want it as your orgasm fills you and makes you shake. With one hand I slap your ass. You enjoy the playful little sting and I hear you let out a little moan of pleasure. I give your ass another smack in the same spot, only this time a little harder. You reach back and caress the spot a little bit. I grab your wrist and hold it against your back behind you as I thrust harder and faster.  I release your wrist and you place it against the shower wall to brace yourself as my thrusts are really rocking you. I deliver another sharp slap and the other cheek this time. Hard enough to see a faint handprint.  I begin to deliver a slap to your ass with each thrust and your moans tell me that you don't mind.

You're weak in the knees and your fingers try to dig into the wall as you rest some of your weight against me. I can feel your pussy pulsing, clenching, holding my cock inside you. I pound into you harder and harder and finally I feel your pussy clench hard onto my cock and I hold it there as I feel your body quiver and as I do look down to see my hot, red handprints on that sexy ass of yours. The sexy vision of your soapy wets ass and my hands on it puts me over the edge and I feel the sweet rush of my cum pouring from me, filling you.


having my cake said...

This brings back very happy memories. Only last weekend Ruf and I had our first shower together... mmmmm

Phil said...

Glad you enjoyed the story and the shower. Stay tuned, there may be more to cum...

Anonymous said...

Nice, nice, very nice. Written like a man who has done this before, I sense... :)

JRM said...

mmmmmm I love this kind of shower!!! Wheweeee! Very hot!!! I think I need a cold shower now!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that's the best appetizer ever.

My Secret Garden said...

I wish Him Indoors was as sexually inclined as you Phil - your showers are worth a million diamond bracelets and bouquets of roses ... you put some competition on the 'French lover' (the country where I have chosen to live and marry) and I hope many here find inspiration in your prose! Very sexy indeed!

Phil said...

Fex- Perhaps, or perhaps I'm just fantasizing here.

jrm- I do love a hot shower.

Brainiac- Yes, for me thiat shower would have been just an appetizer for a very interesting evening.

Tulips- I'm glad I made a good first impression.

Blowjob Babe said...

Hot, hot story.

A. Secret said...

Phil, this is decadent! You are an amazing lover, and writer as well.

Phil said...

A. secret- Thx for such a great compliment!

BJ Babe- Glad you liked it. It's nice to meet you.