Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Turn...

You arrive at work to roses delivered. The card says simply, "My turn..." During your lunch meeting you receive a text, "My turn..." At the end of the day you open your card door to find the seat strewn with rose petals and a little yellow post it on the steering wheel, "My turn..." You feel a familiar warmth begin to grow, and your nipples sudden feel hard and sensitive. You can't wait to get home, but you're also sure not what to expect. You know that my uninhibited side knows no bounds.

You open your apartment door. as you set your coat aside and leave your keys on the table you notice a path of rose petals leading to the bedroom. You eagerly follow them expecting to find me comically posed naked on the bed with a rose between my teeth. You step into the candlelit room to find the bed empty. The door closes behind you as I step from the shadows. I quickly pin you against the door with my body and stifle your surpriise with my mouth pressed hard against yours. My tongue exploring your mouth, tracing a path around your lips as you begin to press your hips into me. "No, not so fast baby," I say, "turn around."

From behind I unzip your skirt and pull it down, revealing your deliciously curvy ass, just inches away from my face and barely concealed within the sheer, sexy satin of your panties. I yearn to do so much more, but I restrain myself for the moment. I pull your shirt off roughly as you stand passively, allowing my hands to move your body the way I want. This is only the beginning. "It's my turn," I whisper in your ear. You can feel my warm breath on your neck as I hold you from behind. Although I'm still clothed you can feel the warm, firm, ridge of my cock through my jeans pressing against your ass. You push back against me, tempting me. I push your forward, towards the bed. You lay down, your hard nipples poking, rising through the lace of your bra. Your legs playfully crossed. I come around the side of the bed and lean over to kiss you, to taste your skin as I reach above your head and tie one arm down and then the other. You taunt me, "Aww...what's the matter? Don't you have any good ideas of your own?" Without a word I look you in the eyes as I strip off my own clothes. My hard cock standing out, glistening pre-cum already dripping from the head.

Still without a word I look at you and then slowly trace a line from the sole of your foot up your leg to your hip and across the waistband of your panties. I climb onto the bed, kneeling between your legs as I run my hands up your thighs and clutch the sides of your panties as I pull them down your legs and toss them aside. You rest your foot briefly on my chest before allowing it to slide down and playfully rub my engorged cock. I shudder briefly at your touch before I push it away. I move down and lay between your legs, again kissing the path from your foot up your inner thigh until you can feel my hot breath so close to your warm, tingly little slit. You raise your hips a little towards my mouth. I playfully back away a little before pressing my lips against the inside of your thigh, tracing a line around your pussy with my tongue. "Oh please, " you moan, "do it already."

Then you feel it, lightly, barely a touch, but hot, wet, and sweet. You feel the tip of my tongue barely sliding upward between your slick, sensitive lips. Up and down, parting, lubricating, open your pussy as the arousal builds. The tempo begins to increase, lovely, delicious licking, coming oh so close to your clit, oh so close to your open pussy. You can feel your juices begin to flow from you, welcoming me, wanting me, wanting my tongue to taste you and tease you. A trickle of your sex honey begins to trickle down to your ass. And then my mouth is gone.

I begin to kiss my way up your stomach. You strain against the ties that bind you. You want to reach down to feel my hair, to pull my head where you want it. To direct my lips everywhere you want to feel them. My lips reach your breasts, now heaving with your excited breathing. I feel each nipple through the lace, licking, sucking, pulling at them through the material. You arch your back to meet my mouth. I rise to stand beside the bed. I caress your tits before unsnapping your bra from the middle clasp. God they're beautiful. As I gaze at you, aroused and breathing heavily, legs spread, I can't help myself. I reach down and caress my cock with the palm of my hand, moving up and down the length. My eyes never leave yours as I see you lick your lips. My hand forms a fist around my cock as I watch you. Stroking up and down, I reach for your tits. I stroke your nipples, teasing, softly pinching as I stroke my cock just a foot away from your wanting lips. My hand slides slowly down your stomach until my fingers lightly caress your bare pussy. Just one finger slightly parting your lips until it's slippery with your nectar. I bring it to my lips and lick it, tasting you, loving the smell, and feel and taste of your hot, aroused body. Not even paying attention I realize tha I'm still stroking my cock when I notice your eyes watching me.

I move forward to just slide the length across your lips as my fingers return to feel the warmth between your legs. I feel the hot line of pleasure as your tongue laps up the pre-cum dripping down my shaft. My fingers are slick again with the river of sex now gushing between your legs as I pull them away you shudder with pleasure as I graze your hard little clit. I use my slick, slippery fingers to to tease and stroke your nipples with your own juices. I fall to my knees to lick and suck the taste of your sex from your tits. In the throes of ecstacy you don't notice that I reach under the bed as I do this. I stand back up and again move the hot, hard head of my cock against your sweet, sexy lips and this time you turn your head to take me into your mouth. As you do you feel something between your legs, but it isn't the familiar feel of my probing fingers. Against your clit you feel a sudden vibration and you close your legs tightly agaist the vibrator I'm stroking up and down between your slippery pussy lips.

Your lips, your mouth taking my hard cock. The warmth, the wetness is like a little pussy. but it's your beautiful face, your sexy lips, your sensitive little tongue tracing the ridge around the head of my cock, licking, sucking away the pre-cum that glistens my head and now your lips. My hand continues to work the vibrator up and down until I feel you open your legs and I allow the tip to slide in, feeling, slight pressure, waiting for that moment when you relax and allow it in all the way. And then, as I feel my cock plunge deeper into your hot, wet, wanting mouth I feel your pussy completely open as your hips move upward to meet the vibrator. My free hand reaches down to stroke my cock into your mouth as your hips thrust, clutch, and fuck the vibrator right up to my fingers.

I feel the waves of heat begin to spread through my body as you do. I want to cum. I want to cum with you. Your hips seem to be moving with your mouth as you seem to be fucking us both. My cock fucking your beautiful face, I pull back to stroke my cock as your legs close in a spasm of pleasure, clutch the vibrator and my hand tight as your body shudders. I stroke my cock, exploding, my hot, white cum pouring, shooting from me, painting lines across your bare breasts.

Exhausted I collapse on you, pulling my hand free of your still pulsing pussy to taste you again before we drift off into an exhausted and very satifying sleep with the still flickering candles lighting the room softly.


JRM said...

whewwwwwweeeee! gods, I love being tied down.

You didn't untie... her. ;)

Excellent, great pacing of the story, fabulous details... yum!

Phil said...

Glad you enjoyed. So you love being tied down hmmmm? Of course I didn't untie her yet. I may want to go for round 2!

JRM said...

touche'! I'll check back for round 2!

A. Secret said...

Holy Mother of God that was HOT!!!! Lucky lucky girl.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to put a call in for a booty call after this.

Phil said...

JRM- Glad you liked it. Only a touche` though? Obviously I need to turn up the heat a bi more.

a. secret- Now that's the kind of response I was hoping for!

Brainiac- You said booty? Hmm...I may have an idea for my next post.

JRM said...

My touche' was in response to your response of going for round 2. yegads, my head is going around on that one. lol And yes, I do enjoy being tied down and used for pleasure ...

whewwwwwweeeee! gods, I love being tied down.

But please, do feel free to turn up the heat ;)


Blazngfyre said...


I say blindfold her for round 2! :)

Phil said...

JRM, btw, thanks for including the pic of ME as your profile pic.

Blazng- Really? You want more of the same? Here, or IRL?

nitebyrd said...

Oh! Sweet Lord, Phil! I may swoon with passion here! *fanning self*

Phil said...

Nitebyrd- Swooning? I like swooning. Swooning is good. Swoon away my dear. I think I could find a creative way to catch you.

JRM said...

Phil, Honey, if that's you.... I'll be right over! ;)