Friday, February 22, 2008

Our Dark Side: Part 2

You've done everything I've instructed you to do so far. As you kneel before me, naked, blindfolded, with your hands behind your back, you begin to consider how vulnerable you are, how much you've decided to trust me. You don't believe I'd ever hurt you, but the tone of control in my voice and the sharp, stinging slap upon your tender breast have surprised you. You never thought I'd take it this far, but the vulnerability is also the thrill for you. Anything can happen. I can do anything I want to your body and you'll submit to my desires.

My cock rises, hard, and full and hot as I watch you. Knowing I can take you anyway that I please gives me pause. How should I enjoy this unique pleasure? I move in front of you and step between your legs. You feel the heat of my body near you. Your nipples hard, almost seeking, desiring my heat to touch them. Your hands bound behind you dangle oh so close to your ass that is open and wanting as you kneel on the floor. You suddenly feel the slippery, warm head of my cock slide across your lips, tracing them, leaving a shiny, slippery trail of precum on them like lip gloss. Eager to please me you lap the sexy, salty lubricant from your lips with your tongue, wanting more, wanting everything. God my cock is so hard watching you, wanting you, but I resist. I want to savor this opportunity to enjoy you fully.

I pull my cock back from your mouth, wanting more, but wanting to experience you in oh so many other ways. You are still blind and bound, tingling in anticipation at the feel of me near you. You want to ask for more, to reach out, but you don't want to break the spell, the trance of sensual desire that has over come us both. You just want to free yourself to feel. You pussy is beginning to drip the sexy, sensual liquid of arousal between your legs. You want me to know, to touch you there, but you don't dare say a word. I will take you how I want, in my own time, and you know it will be worth the wait.

You suddenly feel the warmth of my cock against your breasts. It feels like I'm circling your nipples with the head of my cock. They feel suddenly slippery and sexy and you yearn for my lips to take them, to tease them to pull at the hard, hot little nubs with my mouth. Your pussy aches for this as I hold my hard cock, wanting to stroke it, but holding back as I tease and cover your sensitive nipples with the slick, sensual touch of my head. You feel me pull back as my hand grasps the back of your head. At first I seem to be tenderly stroking your hair, but my hold seems more urgent as you feel my hard cock once again against your lips, almost forcing itself between them. You open your mouth eagerly, wanting to tease with your tongue, but knowing that if you make a move without my approval or permission I might walk away and leave you alone in the dark again.

I allow you to take me for a few short strokes, reveling in the warm, wet embrace of your mouth. Enjoying the feel of your tongue, I reach down beneath your chin to hold my balls and pull downward, stretching the skin on my cock, making it more sensitive as I fuck your hot, wet little mouth. I could finish like this, but there is so much more of you that I want. I want to devour you sexually and my appetite is far from satiated. Almost as if you read my thoughts you pray that I don't cum in your mouth. You want to feel me inside you, deep and hard inside you.


Anonymous said...

Tease! But a yummy tease at that.

Eve in Chains said...

I can't wait for the sequel(s).


JRM said...

I'm breathless.... write faster! :)

A. Secret said...

Mmmm, I know this feeling, this being made to wait for something you want so is such delicious torture. Being given little tastes, sweet little bites, is the essential tease...just like your writing. Lovely.

Phil said...

jrm- Ok, you got. I'll get to work on Part 3, just for you. And Part 3is where it will end...

A. Secret- Thank you very much for the compliments. I do love giving and receiving a good, delicious torture.